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How To Face Negative Reactions To A Pregnancy Announcement?

Blog Post Header - How to Face Negative Reactions to Pregnancy Announcement.

How To Face Negative Reactions To A Pregnancy Announcement?

Finding out you’re unexpectedly pregnant can be a very stressful and frightening time. You might feel that you’re not ready to have a child, that it’s not the right time, that you can’t do it alone. You might worry how your partner, family and friends will react. Many women feel intense worry prior to opening up. It’s normal to feel this way. While it’s true that you can plan out what you’re going to say and how, you can never be sure how someone else will receive your news. More often than not, the initial shock is replaced by joy and willingness to help and support you, however, sometimes you might face negative reactions to a pregnancy announcement. Here are a few tips for you if you encounter some less than ideal responses from people:

1. Take space, surround yourself with support and breathe

The first thing to do is find that one person who will be on your side, who won’t judge or pressure you to do anything. You’re probably in shock and you need to take some time to process the news yourself. It’s so important not to make any rushed decisions that you might regret and having someone who will support you through it all and offer a listening, non-judgmental ear can be of great help. If you just want someone to talk to or who will listen, Gianna Care offers you a 24/7 live chat and helpline. You can speak to one of our counsellors, in complete confidence. We have been supporting women in similar situations for 10 years and are always here for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

2. Put yourself in their shoes

You might be worried about your partner’s or family’s reaction. Even though you deserve their support, it’s helpful to stop for a second and realise that it’s just as shocking to them as it is to you. People often react emotionally before they have time to think things through so it’s good to try and understand that their reaction is most likely driven by their care for you. Our experience shows that even though partners or families often react negatively initially, in most cases their fear changes to excitement after some time.

3. Remember that you’re strong… and not alone!

Think about the previous difficult situations in your life. Especially those that frightened you and that you got through in the end. Draw from them, you have been strong before, you can face this and come through it. You’re stronger than you think and no matter if you have to face negative reactions to a pregnancy time passes by and you will be okay. Your emotions might seem overwhelming. Even in the darkest moments, we want you to know that you are not alone. It is your life and nobody’s reaction should affect how you feel about your pregnancy. Gianna Care is here to support you, every step of the way, in every way possible. All of our services are free of charge and confidential. Support is available in all parts of Ireland.

You can contact us by ringing our 24/7 helpline : +353 1532 2116 or via Live Chat on our website. You can also send us an email by clicking the link below:


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