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Gianna Care is a non profit organisation that is committed to providing compassion, accurate information and support to anyone facing a pregnancy or in need after an abortion. We believe there is a great need in Ireland for women and their families to be given every support necessary when faced with an unexpected pregnancy. We believe every client should be treated with the utmost respect and dignity and all of the information we receive is held in strict confidence.

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Camila’s Story

Camila's Story

Camila’s Story

 Read one of Gianna Care Client Stories

My name is Camila, an international student at Technological University Dublin. I found out I was pregnant around September 2020. As an international student, living in Dublin was very challenging for me as I had to work part-time to pay my bills and keep up with college as well.

Finding out I was pregnant was difficult for me, I had no idea what to do.

My boyfriend is also a student and very happy about it but was financially incapable to handle the situation. That was when I found Gianna Care and after going through their website and social media pages and reviews I found very inspiring Gianna Care client stories of how people in similar situations were supported.

“So I called the number I found on their website, feeling really worried. One of the staff members was really nice and helpful. She heard me out and asked me to come into the office to have a chat.”

I was so relieved after meeting the lady from Gianna Care and she introduced me to another lady to be my support worker throughout the pregnancy. Such a lovely woman! I remember slipping on my house stairs during my first trimester. I was so scared and the first person I called was her. She provided all the support I needed, rang the emergency room in the Rotunda for me to have a chat with. Thankfully, the baby was fine.

The support I received from Gianna Care has been enormous!

They got me fully supported with almost everything. From regular phone calls and meetings to check on me to everything, I needed for myself and the baby. Gianna Care got me a baby car seat, carrycot, buggy, bouncer, a baby basket that contained everything for the baby: lots of babygrows, nappies, blankets etc. I say a big thank you to the whole Gianna Care Team and supporters.

I have been able to keep my baby due to the support I received from Gianna Care. Thank you so much!

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