How could abortion affect my body?

There are many possible complications arising from abortion. Sometimes these are minimised by abortion providers, in order to make a sale. But this is your health, and the effects will be on your body, so you have every right to know these risks in full.

How could abortion affect my mental health?

The evidence showing that abortion is damaging to women’s mental health is now undeniable. In 2011, the British Journal of Psychiatry reported a study by Professor Priscilla K. Coleman, which showed that 81 percent of women reported negative reactions to their abortions, including sorrow, sadness, guilt, regret, grief and disappointment.

Our experience is that the sadness following abortion is due to how final the decision is.

Post-Abortion Syndrome, is a severe post traumatic stress reaction to abortion, and has a serious impact on a woman’s life and health. So while a post-abortive woman may initially feel a sense of relief, very often an abortion leaves her with a lifetime of pain and regret.

How will abortion affect my future?

Your future can be filled with hopes, dreams and goals. No woman wants to regret a decision she makes in 5, 10 or even 20 years from now. If you are physically or mentally affected by abortion, this will have an impact on your future.

After an abortion, something has radically changed: there is something missing, and life may never be the same again.

PLEASE think very carefully about your future.

If you are unsure, just take one more day to think it through, as this is a decision which can never be undone.

Possible side effects of abortion include:

  • FlowerHeavy bleeding

  • FlowerInfection

  • FlowerIncomplete abortion - a risk that a part of the baby may be left inside you.

  • FlowerScarring of the womb

  • FlowerPerforation of the uterus

  • FlowerDeath

The risk to your health from abortion cannot be over emphasised. The fact is, there are very serious physical health risks involved with this surgery.

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